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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Forget Yoga. All I need is a little bit o' money.

There are three things that can bring me back up to the surface when I feel like I'm drowning in life and school and motherhood and wifehood:

  1. An overnight babysitter & somewhere fun to go
  2. A new outfit (check)
  3. New haircut/color (check)
Two down, one to go. (Thank goodness it's fall break!)

Hair color and cut: c/o my sweet friend Courtney @ Salon L.A. Camille
Sweater and jeans: Kohl's
Shoes: Payless 2 years ago

I went in search of fall basics (yay!) and stumbled upon this sweater. It wasn't in my list of "basic" items I could mix and match for fall, but I fell in love with it. Story of my life: looking for one thing, stumble on another, impulsively choose something I didn't mean to choose based on infatuation.

The jeans.... I'll admit, until yesterday I believed skinny jeans should ONLY be worn by people size 9 and smaller. I guess you could say I felt like a whale who could never fit into that size pond. Well I'll tell ya what... I am in passionate love with these jeans. I took a chance because someone had called them "slimming" and I gotta tell ya... I'm impressed.

I also came home with a pair of boots that I'm saving for cold weather... but I can hardly stand to keep them to myself! Boots for $10? Definitely can't beat that. (Plato's Closet, you are my friend.)

Is it weird that wearing a new outfit to school on Test Day gave me extra testing confidence?


  1. I like your sweater!
    I've been looking for a stripped sweater, but its so difficult!

  2. You look fantastic! It's a great outfit too.


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