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Thursday, September 2, 2010

To kick a habit you must replace it with another one. Right, Dad?

After my horrific dancing experience Tuesday night, I woke up Wednesday thinking, "Wow! I'm not even sore after all that new movement. Weird." Wednesday night I went to bed thinking, "I am going to DIE." My muscles are killing me. It basically feels like someone is tearing my muscles apart one by one each time I move.

I guess that's what happens when you are entirely dormant for an entire pregnancy & 9 months after the baby's birth (and then a gay man who loves to leap tortures you for an hour and a half).

I said to Husband Wednesday night, "There is no way I'll survive my dance class tomorrow with these sore muscles!" He said, "Drink one of my shakes in the morning. It has everything you need to repair your muscles." (Yes, he really said it like that, just like a commercial. He's cheesy sometimes.)

This morning I got up and drank a Breakfast Essentials, which gave me just as much energy as my morning Frappuccino, and my muscles even feel better. (Still a little achy, but a huge improvement.) I have found my coffee replacement!

Dad always said, "To break a habit you must replace it with another one." He's right, you know. I'm not a fan of my 2:00 pm crash, or the extra calories I'm consuming with coffee, so I'm cutting it out and starting my day with some decent vitamins and stuff.

(I'm no nutrition expert... who knows, it could be just as bad for me, but it's not caffeine, so we're trying it out.)

Will it help me survive another session of Jazz class? Well, we'll have to see about that...


  1. You can get your very own copy of my booklet on the subject here:


  2. Good for you! BTW where did you go to high school? You looks super familiar to me... :)

  3. Much better choice! Add some vitamins and nutrients to your day - very good alternative. Congratulations.


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