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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

How do you do this??

I am speaking to the mothers who appear to have it all together. The ones who run 3 or 4 or 6 kids everywhere they need to be, keep up with appointments, chase down potty-training 2-year-olds, etc. HOW DO YOU DO THIS??

College + Housework + Kids' birthdays + Husband + Ambition....

What on Earth do I do with it all?

I'll tell you one thing I don't do. Shower daily.
Ok, maybe a few more. Relax. Have time to read more than three pages in my book once a week. The dishes. Write. Paint my toenails. Pluck my eyebrows (ew). Have time to grocery shop.

This week I am:

  • Going to class
  • Writing three papers
  • Setting up appointments to film my presentation
  • Attempting to read Beautiful Creatures (a gift from my friend Jenn) in time to go to the book signing!
  • Painting pictures of my son's favorite characters (Mario, Pokemon, and Charlie Brown) to hang on his wall for his birthday
  • Budgeting and buying his other birthday presents
  • Calling Workforce Services for the 3,000th time (aka waiting on hold for 2 1/2 hours) because they have dropped our case for the 3,000th time... for no apparent reason
  • Walking to my son's school and back twice a day (an hour each)
  • Reading to my kids 20 minutes a day
  • Helping Josh do his homework
  • Volunteering at my kids' schools
  • Keeping Max from choking to death because he puts EVERYTHING in his mouth and NEVER stops crawling and climbing!
  • Working out and attempting to stop eating like a 400-lb woman
  • Selling things online so we can afford the birthday
  • Finding Halloween costumes we can afford (and the boys will be willing to wear)
  • Maybe even doing some laundry in there somewhere!
I know that most of the people I associate with are much busier than this. This list looks like nothing to a lot of women I know....

Which is why I am here, posing the question, HOW DO YOU DO IT? You are definitely my hero.

No, seriously. I'm really asking. HOW?

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  1. You are an amazing, strong woman. I seriously look up to you. You are super woman. Congrats on going back to school, I always thought I missed my chance. But hearing your stories, makes me want to enroll soon. Keep up the amazing work as a college student, wife and beautiful mother.


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