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Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Yesterday I attended my grandfather's funeral. Despite its Monday morning scheduling, the chapel was packed with people who loved and cherished him, tear-streaked faces and laughter surrounding us.

Each story told was full of humor and laced with grief. Every word spoken included some mention of what an adventurous, loving, daring person he was. His sons and daughter spoke, telling stories that made everyone laugh and leaving their last words of love with their father.

I held it together until the Willie Nelson song "You Were Always on My Mind" was played, and there wasn't a dry eye left in the building.

My grandmother read a poem called "I Am Free," which made me come unraveled, salty mascara tears streaking my face.

Don't grieve for me, for now I'm free
I'm following the path God has chosen for me.
I took His hand when I heard him call;
I turned my back and left it all.
I could not stay another day,
To laugh, to love, to work or play.
Tasks left undone must stay that way;
I've now found peace at the end of day.
If my parting has left a void,
Then fill it with remembered joys.
A friendship shared, a laugh, a kiss;
Oh yes, these things, I too will miss.
Be not burdened with times of sorrow
Look for the sunshine of tomorrow.
My life's been full, I savored much;
Good friends, good times, a loved one's touch.
Perhaps my time seems all too brief;
Don't lengthen your pain with undue grief.
Lift up your heart and peace to thee,
God wanted me now-He set me free

I watched my Grandpa's wife Sandy break down, sobbing for the loss of her love. I wish there were a way to describe what I felt, watching her. I can't ever lose my love. He must not leave this planet before I do. I can never feel what she's feeling.

There are so many things I never knew about my grandpa, and I guess you could say today I'm feeling the regret of someone who never got to know a man who could have been a part of her life.

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  1. sorry about your grandpa aubrey! my grandpa died earlier this year and i'd say based on your posts about your grandpa i had about the same relationship with mine. it's never easy to lose someone and once you do, it's hard to forgive yourself for not getting to know them better while they were here.

    and in response to your question about apartments. i know my company does have a couple properties in slc. i really like the 2-3 bedroom ones downtown at artspace but they are less like a home... and more like an artsy fartsy apartment. there are also 3-bed townhomes at riverview townhomes. i'd say it's in a little bit of a bad neighborhood. the property itself is nice but the location is not so great. anyway... check them out if you want...


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