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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Some things don't translate.

Have you ever had anything that you imagined in your head was going to be amazing, but then when you actually attempted it, it was an utter disaster?

Yeah, well that was me at my dance class tonight. I fought gravity, and gravity won. Several times.

Uncoordinated. Absolutely no concept of rhythm. Each turn found me off-balance and running into the person next to me. By the end I was sweating and swearing and planning to drop the class.

I went home humiliated and crying, and I'll probably have nightmares about it tonight, but I'm not going to drop the class. My whole life I have walked away (ok, ran away) from anything that was uncomfortable for me, and I insist that this dance class will not be that way.

I will show up and humiliate myself every Tuesday and Thursday night until Christmas, at which point I will rejoice that the class is over, and hopefully be a few pounds lighter.

Who cares if I look like Phoebe running when I pirouette? Besides, I'm pretty sure that guy I landed on in class didn't break anything.


  1. Well you're my hero. I've been wanting to take a college dance class forever but every time registration rolls around I chicken out. You have way more courage than I do!

  2. Just do it! Just because I'm a failure doesn't mean you will be, lol. EVERYONE else in the class could do it. Just not me!


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