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Monday, August 30, 2010

Kick the Habit

Where I'm from, coffee is considered unhealthy, even unacceptable. I didn't drink coffee at all until I was about 24, at which point I still didn't love it.

However... Starbucks (which I usually hate) has brought me a product I can't resist. I'm convinced it is keeping me from losing a single pound, no matter what I do, and it is definitely expensive (as far as groceries go)... but oh, my, do I love it. And being awake for my kids at 5 am? Yeah, it's been extremely helpful.

I know I should kick the habit for the sake of my waistline (and the fact that I get a headache without it)...

Maybe next week. Yes, I'll definitely be ready next week.


  1. Ah, I love coffee. Mmmmmm ... not sure it's a habit I could EVER kick (although I could see the benefit of doing so! Something to think about, I suppose)

  2. i remember the days of being addicted to caffeine. 3-4 mountain dews a day was my vice. good luck! sometimes just quitting cold turkey is the only way it works! you have to reallyyyyy want it though!

  3. Okay, so like 13+ months later, how is this going?

    By the way, I like the "you might also like" stuff after your posts. :)

  4. I have TOTALLY kicked the Starbucks Frappuccino habit. (No need to discuss that it's been replaced by home-brewed coffee.)


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