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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Is it bad that I bought an exersaucer to babysit my child?

OK so that's not WHY I got it, but have you ever been so tired that you made really bad decisions regarding the care of your children? After seven and a half years of parenting three boys, my list is a little longer than I'd like to admit.

I have been so tired that I fell asleep on the living room floor while my 6-month-old baby played with toys next to me. (It was, after all, 4 am. And in my defense, I barricaded the area, AND he fell asleep too... eventually.)

I have been so tired that while I rocked my baby back to sleep I nodded off... and head-butted him in the forehead. (He only cried for a few minutes.)

I have been so tired that I started talking nonsense and my four-year-old had to ask what I was talking about. (Something about daffodils and roller coasters?)

I have been so tired that I fell asleep at the wheel and ran my car into a barrier... with my sweet baby Josh in the backseat. (I got out, scared half to death, desperately praying that my son was alive... only to find him completely asleep in his car seat, making that cute wheezy sound he always made when he breathed deeply.)

I have been so tired that I spelled things wrong on my blog... and (now, don't judge me) even used the wrong punctuation once or twice! {eek!}

I have been so tired that I don't remember the entire first 18 months of Asher's life... because he never slept a wink. (Can we say crazy? 'Cause I was definitely certifiable at that point.)

I have been so tired that I parked my three-and-a-half-year-old kid in front of the tv for two hours while I went back to sleep at 5 am.

I have been so tired that I fell asleep on the couch while my 9-month-old was babysat (by my 4-year-old) in his new exersaucer and Gerber puffs. (What, you don't think 4-year-olds are competent babysitters? Don't be ridiculous. My Asher is very mature.)

I'm probably a terrible mom... I should probably be shunned or have my parental rights revoked... stoned in the street... exiled... but I have a strange feeling I'm not in the minority on this one. I have a feeling anyone with kids like mine (who don't learn to sleep through the night until their third birthday) can relate to at least one of these... even if your list isn't quite as disgraceful as mine.

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  1. I think every mother has experienced the exhaustion you described. My mom once told me, "Sometimes, it's safer for your baby to cry in his/her crib than to be with you when you're that tired and frustrated." I have absolutely had those moments when being tired gets in the way of being the kind of parent you want to be. Thanks for admitting it :)


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