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Thursday, August 26, 2010

I did it!

I went to my first class!

First, I woke up completely panicked after a long night of panicky sleep - I worry waaaaaay too much before something big happens. It's what I do.

I spilled the milk at breakfast, which almost made me cry (Husband likes to make fun of me because I have been known to cry over spilled milk). I tend to think of things in worst-case scenarios, and spilling the milk convinced me the whole day was going to be like that.

I spent way too much time stressing over what to wear and how to do my hair and if my makeup was perfect, which of course Husband thought was ridiculous (It's who I am. Don't worry, I'm already aware it's not important... I'm just kind of obsessive-compulsive about my looks.) and got out the door in time to get gas in the car.

Here's a really cheesy picture of me right before I left for class:

(You should have seen the look on Husband's face when I told him to take a picture of me. I'm already aware that I'm an almost-26-year-old woman who is taking pictures of her first day of college. No need to point it out.) :)

After spending 20 minutes trying to find a parking spot and ending up in a one-hour spot on the street (for a more-than-one-hour class), I ran inside to find my classroom and took my seat at the very front of an already-in-session class.

My teacher is awesome, the material is right down my alley (marriage and family relations), and my class was easy to find. I totally loved getting dressed up and being out!

Here's the thing about college (day one assessment):

It's the ONLY thing in my life I do JUST FOR ME. Do you know how awesome that feels?? I sit in class and think only about the material, acquire knowledge only for my own mind. After being a SaHM for 6 years, that is a fantastic feeling.

My dance class tonight will be a different story... that's the one I'm most terrified of. Wish me luck! Also, pray that I don't look like a fool when I show up there in workout clothes... who knows how they're supposed to dress for the first day of a college dance class anyway?


  1. Congratulations!! This is a huge step and you've taken on a challenge but I think you're up to it. You go, girl! I'm proud of you, really!

  2. Yay for your first day of school (and the first day of school pic, that's awesome)! I'm glad you get to do something JUST FOR YOU :) How did your dance class go?


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