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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Happy Place

I received a comment from my friend Miken on my post Fuming that got me thinking.

It said this:

"...when i am mad as a hornet or sad, i like to watch a funny show or movie. one movie that always gets me laughing and in a good mood is "school of rock" i don't know why... i just love it. good. clean. funny. jack black. find something like that maybe a song, or a movie that will get you back into the type of mood you want to be in.

i am not saying to sweep things that you really care about under the rug, address your feelings once you've had time to cool down and get in a better mood. :) "

Just yesterday Steve and I were talking about how frustrated I am with my acne. It has come back with a vengeance, equal to when I was in junior high, and I am fed up. I started to pay the outrageous prices for Proactiv again because it worked so well a couple of years ago when I was using it every day, but even that isn't working. Steve made the statement that no product is going to help the problem, my only solution is going to be stress management.

If you know me at all, you know that "stress management" is basically a completely foreign concept to me. I don't do it at all. I know very well that it's the only way to survive... I just don't have the first clue how to do it.

So the plan is this: Find simple ways to manage stress, i.e. a movie or song that makes me happy. I'm not one of those "just look out the window and think a happy thought" kind of people, so this is a bigger goal than it sounds.

Here's my first attempt at making a list of my "happy places":

  • Musicals. I have long forgotten about my love affair with musical theater, but today I pulled out a CD of showtune favorites my sister made me and it seriously made me feel much better. How could I forget how much I love theater music?
  • Playing with my baby. I know that sounds incredibly obvious, but when dealing in postpartum depression, playing with your baby feels like too much work. When I sit down and play games with him, sing him songs, or watch him play, though - it makes me happy every time. I'm sorry to say I have to force myself to do it, but he really does bring me joy.
  • Clueless. Can't Hardly Wait. Starsky & Hutch. F-R-I-E-N-D-S. All shows that make me laugh my head off and bring back fantastic memories. Definitely going to dust them off and start utilizing them.
  • Ke$ha. My brother would die of embarrassment (if he read this blog), since he takes full credit for teaching me good taste in music, but I'm sorry to tell you... Ke$ha makes me laugh. Makes me happy every time.
Yeah, there's only four things on the list. For now.

What makes you happy when life sucks?


  1. yay! :) i'm glad you liked my brilliant idea... lol

  2. Chocolate covered strawberries and champagne. I buy the cheapest cheap stuff too because you know I'm always broke!! (maybe part of the stress? um, yeah)... "The Wedding Planner" which is absolutely the dumbest movie EVER. I love it... "Sex and the City" It's not clean and it's not for everyone but I sure find it hilarious... And my all time favorite secret obsession that makes me forget my troubles? Romance novels. That's right. I read those terrible old school romance novels with the ridiculous covers that you have to laugh at. The epic emotional drama of a really good one makes me laugh and cry and totally lose myself. It's the best.

    Reconnect with the musicals for SURE, luv! If I know you I'm gonna say you NEED that. Who do you think taught me to love musical theater? ;)

  3. I listen to my favorite music (Pink Floyd, Jethro Tull, HIM, No Doubt) and drink a mountain dew. Although, I usually wallow in my bad mood for a looong time before I decide to do anything about it. I should definitely try to chear myself up faster.


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