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Friday, August 20, 2010

Dear Writing,

For thirteen years I have called you the love of my life. I have given you hundreds of hours of my time, and I have waited for the day you would give me something to say that I would have no choice but to spill out onto page after page until I had a novel to present to a publisher.

Six long years I have been a SaHM, sitting around with nothing to write but my blog.

Why, then, did you choose now to give me my book? Right when I'm starting school... all of a sudden I have enough to say to fill an entire bookshelf... the timing is so wrong.

I  will stay up each night until dawn if I have to... I will write this book, despite your terrible timing.


Aubrey Anne

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  1. i have a book to write too.. maybe it's the thing to do lately! i just can't seem to find time to write it. hmm. suggestions? maybe we should get together and create writing-time. :)


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