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Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Tomorrow is my first day of college.
Tomorrow morning I wake up, attempt to fit into some clothes, get more ready than I have in months, take Josh to school, and brave the biggest campus I have ever attended.

I am destined to get lost.
I am destined to think I'm not lost and attend the wrong class.
I am destined to show up to my dance class and find out that everyone there is 6 years younger than me, 40 lbs smaller than me, and has been dancing their way through high school for the last four years.
I am destined to fall flat on my face attempting a simple turn.
I am destined to run smack into someone else in a hall somewhere and break my nose... again.
I am destined to wear the wrong thing or say the wrong thing and be The Freak for the remainder of the semester.

All I can say is I'm terrified, and there's not a thing that can be done about it. So... I will go, I will do, and... I will survive.


  1. once you go you're brave attitude will turn into.. ugh... school! ok... so you're not me. you will love it. go get em!!

  2. oh and we need to hang out. stat. :) i feel like you're too busy for me! i will find time... if you really want to. we'll have a dennys night or something once the kids are already in bed. just an idea. tell me when you want to booch!

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