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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Tan/Blonde Revolution: Beauty vs. Money

I have long spoken out about the Tan/Blonde Revolution (my own term for the many, many, many women who have turned to bleach and tanning beds as a replacement to actual beauty). I have a strong moral (ok, maybe it's not a moral issue) objection to the steady decline of society, and how few naturally beautiful women still exist. There are now only two kinds of women in the world:

  1. Bleach blondes

     2.  Dark brown/black brunettes

That's all that's left, folks. Red is almost extinct - and the redheads that are left are fake redheads - and in-between stages anywhere from blonde-brown don't even exist. Natural beauty is an old-fashioned idea, and those of us who try to rely on our "natural" beauty are up against - not other natural beauty - but money.

Have you ever been walking down the street and see a woman from behind... she has long, tan legs, and bleach-blonde hair... Did you automatically assume she's beautiful? When she turns around, is she disappointingly average? That happens to me all the time. Even my husband, who is clearly a brunette fan, finds blondes head-turning. It's not his fault, it's what our society is teaching us now. We have been conditioned to believe blonde & tan is the epitome of beautiful.

I blame

 for this!


This is just a tiny sampling of the blonde celebrities. They definitely dominate. Top to bottom: Paris Hilton, Heather Locklear, Hillary Duff, Katherine Heigl, Kate Hudson, Cameron Diaz, Christina Aguilera, Reese Witherspoon, and Charlize Theron

Now, personally, I think the brunettes are much more appealing:

Mila Kunis, Natalie Portman, Olivia Wilde, Sandra Bullock, Brunette Hilary Duff,  Jessica Alba, Jessica Biel, Megan Fox, Penelope Cruz, Angelina Jolie, Courtney Cox, Kristen Stewart

...Even the redheads get more credit from me (whether they are natural or not):

Lindsay Lohan (when she was pretty), Marcia Cross, Julia Roberts, Scarlet Johansson, Julianne Moore, Amy Adams, Debra Messing, and Kate Walsh (my favorite!)

(I blame 
Lucille Ball

for the lack of redheadedness that goes on in Hollywood!)

Honestly, though, I had to Google "red head actress" because I could only think of two.

Back to the blondes... Mostly I'm speaking about the girls I see out around where I live - especially within my own city, but I know it's bigger than just that. There are 5 bleach-blonde/tan girls to every 1 fair-skinned brunette. (This is of course my own estimate, not an actual statistic.)

I think it's sad that I leave the house feeling like I look really pretty (and I'm sure I'm not the only one who does this), just to get out there and realize I can't even begin to measure up to the other women out there because they are armed with their money, not their actual looks. $100 dye jobs, $25/week in the tanning bed, $35 manicures, etc., etc., etc. What's the point in being yourself when everyone else's fake skin, hair and nails are just going to outshine us anyway?

Now, I admit, I'm far too image-focused these days. I have some pretty serious self esteem issues to work through since some recent events destroyed what self respect I had for myself (hooray for therapy!), but if you were really honest with yourself you'd probably find that you're more image-focused than you'd like to admit, too. We have been conditioned to be that way, and I blame things like TV, advertisements, and celebrities with no substance (see above) -- but the reasons why don't matter so much right now.

The fact is, no matter how many gorgeous dark-haired women appear in the media (like my personal favorite, Marion Cotillard), the real people I see are still dominantly blonde - and very, very few of those are natural blondes.
Marion Cotillard

The point of all this:

Last night my sweet friend Courtney cut and colored my hair. I am sick of trying to find new shades of brown, so this time, I did an experiment and went blonde(r).

It's not platinum or anything, but it's way more blonde than I have ever put in my hair, and I have to tell you, I automatically felt prettier when I saw it finished. I don't know if that's true, maybe I look much better with brown hair:

but that's exactly my point. Is the blonde thing just something we're trained to think is better? Maybe I'm 100 times better looking with brown hair... but I don't know because even my vision is clouded by my new shiny head of hair.


  1. Hey, you convinced me. From now on I'm going to stop focusing on how I look and just be me! :)

  2. I definitely see what you're getting at. It's a bit of a battle. I've somewhat recently reverted to my natural hair color (which I haven't sported in years!) because I'm entirely too broke to spend $100 on highlights. And I have that weird "it's not blond or brown or red" color that nobody likes because it's just confusing (What is it??) I also grow my natural nails as opposed to getting fake ones and do my own pedicures in the effort to save a buck. Plus I never tan because who wants skin cancer? Really people. But you know what? I never have to deal with that embarrassing "your roots are showing" crap and my savings account is $100 richer every six to eight weeks. So I say whatever! I still look hot bitches (As strong a statement as that was you know if I had the money to spare I'd be running to the salon for a dye job and a pedicure. It's a battle!!)

    YOU look gorgeous either way, my friend. *Muah!*

  3. There is no way that a comment post can contain everything I want to say right now. I love you, if you have time, my comment is in the form of a blogpost:

    I love you!

  4. I know this is a ridiculously late comment but I totally agree. For me, it's a weight issue. When did people decide that looking completely unhealthy and never indulging in a delicious treat is desirable? I am so sick of mentally and verbally flagellating myself for being a healthy, albeit not entirely trim weight. Because I'm not a size 2 and my stomach sticks out a bit, I must be giant. I blame it on Hollywood. And those girls who are skinny no matter what. It's their fault :)

  5. Yes I think the color blond automatically gets more attention because of the color not necessarily because guys think that blonds are otter. I also think it is were you love. I live in California let me reiterate I live in N.Cal the land of the beautiful, natural non fake boob/non tan women not S.CAL were everyone just proceeds to dye their hair blond because they cannot stand not being part of the heard. We have seen a change in what is considered attractive in the last few years and believe it or not it is not the Pamela Anderson bleach blond look. Guys are looking for a more natural look and not some scary botox barbie that could melt in the sun. New follower found you blog cruising some of the hops. Hope you can do the same.

  6. I' used to be the same as you but my hair are the darkest brown, people call it black. Everybody says i'm hot and i believe i am but i have pressure to be blonde from women ! It is them who believe that men prefer blonde when most of them clearly prefer brunette ( from my experience).

    It might see a yellow car before the black one because of it's shiny color but there's no way i'll get a yellow car hehe

    Plus i found out that my hair are shiny and healthy with colors that are close to my natural dark hair, there's no disgusting roots and i don't look like an insecure woman who just want to be " another blonde" to get attention.
    Oh and i did not talk about eyebrows and other hair and the fact that you need more makeup to look good.

    Nope i'm a proud natural brunette who doesn't need to fry her hair to be gorgeous !

    You don't need to be blonde, you're better as brunette and your features stand more. Blonde hair is blonde hair that' it. Don't forget as a brunette in a sea of blonde you stand more :)

    NATURAL brunette, redhead and blondes are HOT but fake is fake ...


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