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Friday, July 16, 2010

Our Kids Aren't Alright

Last night as my husband, a US Army veteran, and I read the news, we were sickened by an article about the obscene number of military service members who have committed suicide already this year.

I know from a very personal perspective how the military can mess with the minds of their soldiers, and how hard depression hits them. They do their best and sacrifice almost everything a civilian life has to offer in order to serve their country, only to end up tossed around and unappreciated by their fellow countrymen - and even their fellow soldiers and veterans. Once they are out of the military, finding a job is difficult, and the pay is generally a disaster once they do find one.

The fact that so little is being done about this problem makes me absolutely ill. The Army's response is "We made another video"?? Seriously?

Find the article here:

And here's another:
Combine these statistics with the divorce rate in the military, and something has got to be done about the fate of our soldiers. At this point the depression and disturbing images they keep in their minds are more fatal than the war they are fighting.

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