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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Lost in Space

Where should we go from here?
Does time really heal?
Or is it purely self-imposed?
Does the nature of the crime really matter...
Or is it just the fact that you can never redeem your image
Once you have allowed it to be damaged?
Is there anything that could be done?
Or am I going to be here forever,
On my knees, scared of the end result?
What do we need?
What must we do to bring us back together...
Or is it not even an option?

My mind won't stop spinning... It haunts me day and night and keeps me dizzy. Will it ever leave my mind? Will he ever see me as something to trust again? Am I just fooling myself that I could be what he needs? Or am I just not patient enough? Maybe someday he'll wake up and see my face as he once did... something he can't live without and could put his faith in.

This is just a rant, of course. No point, no need for response. Just a freewrite to clear my mind.

(It didn't work.)

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